Now more than ever, Tax Partners is here to help you develop strategies for today’s uncertain times, when uncertainty may be the only thing we can be certain about.

It appears that we are heading into a recession, thanks to inflation for the first time in a generation and climbing interest rates that are suppressing economic activity in virtually all sectors.

With the COVID-19 now behind us and our government’s hawkish measure to continue increasing interest rates, we can only guess at the outlook and hope for a speedy recovery of our economy! Tax Partners has not increased its service fees and will not do so for 2023!

In recognition that what worked before may not work now, Tax Partners promises its creative mindset to deliver superior service for our clients. We will continue to help our clients find opportunities that will add up to make a big impact on their balance sheet/bank account.

Tax Partners accountants and tax professionals are here to help you develop the strategies that are appropriate for your particular situation. Contact us at [email protected] or by phone at 905-836-8755.

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“It is not what you make, it is what you keep”